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Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Traveling, Creepy Old Houses and a Stroll on the Beach.

My humble greetings to all my 2-3 readers!

It's almost 2 am, and I'm here writing an entry again.

So I was sleeping over at my friends house yesterday.

We were three people, and we did some stuff together...
Among these things that we did, is the fact that we watched two movies that none of us had watched before.

We saw the somewhat new Disney movie Brave, as well as Looper.

They were both entertaining films, but the better one, in my opinion, is Looper.
One of the only problems (a very excusable one), is that the movie revolved around time traveling.

That's not the problem itself, it's one of the things that made the movie really good. It's just that every single book and movie that uses time travel is quite... Might I say, Fucked up.

I mean that, in the sense that when you start thinking about it, the events don't really make sense.
I have to admit that Looper did a much better job than most other movies that try messing with time. But that is the thing about time traveling; no one really knows how it would work in reality. Thus, one should pay more attention to enjoying the movie than focusing on the time aspect.

Even if we were three people sleeping in the same house, one of us slept in a different room. This wasn't me, so one of my friends and I stayed awake for a ridiculously long amount of time, mostly talking. We spoke about a great variety of things.

We do this every now and then, but an interesting this is that we almost always at some point end up speaking about scary things. This is often triggered by the warping effect that darkness has on inanimate objects (or sometimes moving ones, but the brain often doesn't get enought time to distort moving shadows).

If you have good imagination, you can easily see so frightening visions in the dark that you almost cannot keep watching in the same direction for too long a time.

But anyway, so we began talking about many different scary things. My friend's (That I'm from now on going to call X) parents happen to own two quite large houses. One that they use for living in, and the other one is basically for storing.

The house is a very old one, possibly having existed for more than a hundred years.

It's got to be the perfect haunted house. No matter at what point of the day (or night) it is, It's scary just to sojourn in the hell-house.

There are a lot of creepy objects, such as old dolls with long curly hair, old mirrors and probably more things than you think there is inside of the place.

Not only that, but some rooms are scarier than the others.

There is one attic-like room, without any windows and a door that closes off all light, as well as a weird cellar room, also without windows. No matter what you imagine, I actually think that the real house is scarier than the creations in your heads. I could try to describe the house in greater detail, but it would do nothing compared to actually visiting it.

Funny thing is that I still don't believe in anything paranormal. That's because the existance of scary ghosts and similar things just wouldn't really make sense. Why would the souls of the dead come back just to scare people? In movies, granted that might happen, but why would REAL spirits mimic what the movies have made people perceive as horrifying?

Scary things are naturally not the only thing that I and X talked about. Since we lied awake communicating for more than four hours we got to discuss an extensive selection of topics, Involving (for instance) childhood, the future, change, culture and psychology.

I really enjoy having long and thorough conversations. It's good to have someone to be completely honest with, except for oneself. It's also mentally heatlhy to socialize with other people.

Speaking of psychology, another blogger that I do recommend is the one that calls himself OneSketchist. Not only does he create amazing and creative art, but he has many interesting toughts, which can be exemplified by reading THIS.

He is also very talented when it comes to using the English language, considering the fact that he is from Finland, just like me. I do wish that he'd make more use of apostrophes though...

So, I seem to have written AN ESSAY, yet again, so I'll complete this entry in due time. I should start choosing just one topic for my blogs every now and then, so I can go more in depth in my area of expertise, instead of touching upon subjects and jumping between them.

But as some of you might know, this blog is not only for endless text, but also for music (and some art).

I composed a small song today, as I often do. I was ispired to do it, since I wanted to do something simple that I could teach to a friend of mine. I actually succeeded in making the first part of the song playable for him, but I added some additional instruments and a semi-imrpovised continuation (which turned out to be okay).

The song is not unique; most of it's elements have been done before (if by no one esle, then by me), but I don't think that it is stolen. Originally it was intended for a music box, but the electric piano that I recorded it on didn't provide the possibility of using such a sound.

You can listen to the composition here:

A Stroll on the Beach (

I'd say that it turned out to be okay, considering the amount of time I put into it. For those of you who are sceptical, I can ensure you that I possess the ability to make far better music than what you hopefully just listened to, or are listening to right now.

I used two music tracks: One with a guitar and a vibraphone, the other with a choir and strings.

As to the name, It's just a scenario that I imagine listening to this composition.
For those of you whom are uncunning, the song is a waltz.

That's about it for tonight I think.

You will be able to read my later posts when I post them (You don't say?).

Good 'til whenever you return to reading my blog!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hair, Winter, Airplanes and Freedom!

Hello once again my fellow human beings!

I'm back after a long brake of approximately five days.

I've been really busy with unnecessary things, such as life, and stuff...

No but really... I have been busy this past week. But now I have Winter Holidays! For abaout a week.
This means that I'll have time to do some things that I haven't had time for earlier.

Sadly it seems like most teachers thought that it was a really good idea to give lots and lots of homework the week before the holidays. So I've actually done some of them in the evenings. But now I'm done!

Now I've finally got some time for writing here, writing in my book, playing the piano, having fun, being with frieds and doing other more or less important things.

I've actually cut my hair a couple of days ago, so I'll change my profile picture, if you for some reason are interested in seeing the small but noticable difference.

Another unusual thing is that I havn't composed anything new for an entire week! That is very rare, but not necessarily in the positive way. Basically the only things one might call creative that I've accomplished this week is making a few final, but almost insignificant tweaks to my song, Winterscape, and completing the drawing with the same name.

I'll post the picture here, for you to see.

I tried to upload the picture with better quality than last time, and I made the size bigger, and it seems like I succeeded.

The composition and the drawing do not really resemble eachother to too large an extent, but I can imagine them being linked.

Now, to movies.

There is this site called The Internet Movie Database, which is probably the most sizeable online archive of movies (Not really the movies themselves, rather information about them).

I mostly agree with the site, to a certain degree, and I really recommend it.

Every now and then however, the users on the site hold an opinion that I absolutely cannot understand.
For instance, today I re-watched a movie from the 90s, called Con Air. It's certainly not the best movie in existance, but I still think it deserves a far better rating than 6.7/10.
The movie features lots of great actors, and the story is entertaining and is easily watchable.

A different thing that I am not fond of is Metascore (Metacritic). It seems like most of both professional, and free time movie critics have forgotten what a good movie is, and on which bases to judge it.

An example of this is their rating of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. For some reason they saw it fit to vote an avarage of 58/100 in score. I think that is quite unfair...

But oh well...

I don't really feel like writing more tonight.

It feels kinda like my english isn't at it's usual level, but a bit beneath it.

This is probably because I yet again am tired, mostly (yet again) due to me sleeping too little. Every time that I've tried to go to sleep early someone has needed me somewhere, or I've had some task of the day yet unfinished... (The small amounts of sleep have resulted in pretty interesting and weird dreams though).

So now that I'm free from school for a week, I'll try to get a few nights of good, recovering sleep.

I'm going to start with this procedure basically right now.

(Before I go, here's a music tip. You've probably heard it before, but you also probably haven't ever heard it in it's full version, so here you go: King of the Pride Rock [Orchestral music by Hans Zimmer, possibly with assistance from Elton John])


Monday, February 18, 2013

Time, Dreaming, and a New Age of Computer Issues.

Good evening to all of you!

I finally took the time to fix my time.

What? Are you confused?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my time settings on were wrong. So if I, for instance, uploaded an entry in my blog at about 2:30 am, the time of uploading you would read at my blog would be around 16:30 pm or something like that (I don't remember the time difference anymore).

Basically, today I fixed that problem. Now you should see the correct time of uploading on all my posts.

So that was that.

Today I woke up at the miraculously late time of 13:00.

I went to sleep exactly 03:21, so I still didn't sleep ten hours. In addition I didn't fall asleep for atleast 20 minutes, and I woke up twice during the night, and also stayed awake for about twenty minutes both awakenings included. So all in all, I didn't gain more than 9 hours of sleep.

Another problem is that I'm supposed to wake up at 6:45 tomorrow (school), and now it's 23:12.

I can't possibly fall asleep yet! I've only been awake for 10 hours, whereas I usually am awake for at least 15 hours (more like 16) each and every day, weekends included (with some exceptions, like right now).

So the plan is to write this text with still unknown length (for me at least, you could always check), before attempting to slumber. Hence, I'll get too little sleep this night, wich will lead to me being tired. Thanks to that I should be capable of going to sleep early tomorrow, and thus I should have returned to my normal sleep cycle.

I fear my plan will not go as planned, but let's hope that it does.

On another note, why did I wake up in the middle of the night in the first place?

That's because I had some of the weirdest imaginable dreams tonight, and I remember most of them all. So the times I woke up during the night I wrote the dreams into my dream journal. I could write about them in detail here, but I won't. Not because they would be dreams I couldn't share, but because you wouldn't gain much from reading about them here.

Sadly, the experiences of dreams cannot effectively be put on paper, at least not in a way that would do much for anyone else than the dreamer. It works better for the dreamer himself/herself, since the memories of the dreams are still somewhat comparable to experiencing them.
Still, I remembered ridiculously many details from my dreams tonight, so when I woke up at 1 pm, I spent about twenty minutes more writing down the dreams I had between waking up in the middle of the night and then.

Finally (It might become quite a lengthy finally), I had some problems with music editing today.

My keyboard normally saves music as MIDI files after being recorded on it. So if I want more space on my keyboard, I use an SD card to export my files to the computer. But I often record many different melodies on one single track, since my synth allows that. When moved from the keyboard and then back again, it becomes a mess.

So since I didn't compose anything today, even if I still wanted to share some of my music on this blog, I wanted to use some of my older stuff.

I found this one song on my computer, recorded sometime in 2012. However, on the track with it there were four other songs aswell (five, or technically six is the maximum amount, depending on how you count). I could listen to the song I wanted to choose separately on the computer, but in the synth, I heard all of them together.

How could I fix this?

I figured I'd download a free MIDI editing software, and create a track with only the song I wanted. The idea was good, but It was more difficult to actualize it.

I tried three different programs, before finding one I could actually use (the rest of them had problems that I don't want to go deeper into here).

Ultimately, the procedure took me about one and half of an hour. If nothing else, now I know what I'll do in the future.

So here the song/improvisation is. I remember planning a somewhat lengthy base for me to improvise on, but the rest is just continuing on that.

New Age (

I named the song "New Age" today, since the sound I used on my synth was called New Age Pad.

There are some ill sounding parts in this half-improvisation, and many mistakes, aswell as a weird ending. But for some reason I still like listening to it.

The clock is about to turn 12, so I think it's about time to stop writing,

Goodnight! (I'll try going to sleep now).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick Update. Nothing Funny Here.

I'm tired, and it's late. I won't even properly greet you. Though, now I almost did.

So, Today has been quite an eventful day.

I woke up with a headache, adopted from the night before; not even a full nights sleep could get rid of it. It's a bit ironic, since the headache was probably in the first place caused by the sleep that I lost earlier this week.

About two hours later, I took a pill. That eventually got rid of this horrid thing called: headache.

I was invited to dinner, at my Grandfather's house. So My family went there. There we ate some Beef Bourguignon. I really love eating that dish. I love the taste, the aftertaste, the impact it has on the other stuff you eat. I don't like mushrooms, but I don't even mind them in that kind of food. Mushrooms actually taste good with Beef Bourguignon.

After that, I came home once again. There I made a final adjustment to my new song, Winterscape. The length of it is now revolving somwhere around three minutes, which according to me is a rather suitable length.

Thenceforward, at least for this day, I was at my friends house.

Yesterday he turned eighteen, so today, - (Saturday. For me that's technically yesterday, although I was still there for a little while today [I just came home again]) - We celebrated his birth by playing the famous boardgame, Risk.

Though it was a very interesting game, I won't describe it in detail here. Many negotiations were made, many evil tactics were used, many fights were settled, much blood and many tears were spilled, and it took at least five hours in total, possibly much more.

Anyway, this has been quite an eventful day for me, as I already mentioned.

I figured I'd post an entry every day this first week of my blog, since I've already come so far. After tomorrow I should have compleated this task.

Sadly however, I have no art nor any music to post here today.

I'd say that I'm done writing for now.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long Forgotten Debts, Music and "Art".


Once again it is time to share an entry in my blog with you.

I'm going to begin where I left off yesterday.

So, It turns out that I had wtihout knowing it had a "HUGE" debt for probably about four years now. Can you guess to whom I owed this horribly large amount of money, aka. 45 cents...??? The debt wasn't actually to a person, but to the library.

Many years ago from now, I frequently used to borrow books from the library, and if you didn't return the books or other stuff that you borrowed in time, you would get a fee that you had to pay eventually. It seems I must have returned a book, or something similar, too late at some point in my life that I have no memory of.

A couple of days ago I had to go to the library again from school, and when I borrowed what I came there for, I cast an eye at the receipt I had just received. I noticed something odd with it, and there it said that I owed 45 cents to the storage of scripture known as the Library. So when I had some free time I went back there to pay the debt...


I know I said in yesterdays blog that I completed the song I began composing at Wednesday. This was however not entirely true. Today I looked at the piece's length, which was about 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and decided that that is slightly too short. So today I sat down by my keyboard (the instrument) and made about 20 seconds of listening material more. so let's see if I'll keep this new version, or if I'll continue even more later.

However, as I'm now mentioning for what seems like the hundredth time: The song is too good to be posted here, so I can't show you any changes, or even the song at all actually. I'd say that this composition turned out to be one of the best ones that I've ever made, possibly the very best, depending on taste and such things. I'm actually not sure in what ranking I'd place it myself.

I still have some music to post today, just not that piece.

For quite some time ago, I recorded an improvisation that I made on the piano, and stored it somewhere in the depts of my computer files. Today I refound it, and decided it was good enough to be posted on this blog, but not good enough not to do it.

I was about to rename it Eerie (from the previous dull name: Random Improv.), since it is the kind of feeling it's supposed to raise. But, I realized that there is a rare, yet, somewhat accepted alternate version of spelling the word, so I chose to rename the song Eery vs Eerie instead. I believe that the improvisation merely consists of the same four chords played over and over again, but the final result turned out to be listenable anyway (I do believe that I just made that word up [A farfetched reference to The Hobbit]).

So here it is:

Eery vs Eerie (


I also drew a delineation for a new landscape drawing in my Dream Diary. I'll post the sketch here, and I'll try to remember to post the finished drawing when it's completed.

Notice that the quality of the picture will suck, since the Drawing was made with weak uses of force, using a mere pencil. Besides, the picture is taken with my phone in a not so bright area.

hmm... One can see almost nothing with this quality, but it will be all the more interesting comparing it to the compleated picture when it's done.

I named the picture Winterscape (for reasons not easily noticable in this unfinished picture), which is aslo the name of the new song I mentioned earlier in this entry. The picture and the composition weren't related to eachother to begin with, but coincidentally they are as of now.


I was originally supposed to write in my book this night. Alas, I feel way too tired to do that now... This might be thanks to my sleep being ruined too many times this week. So since it's weekend I'll try to get a good nights sleep instead, and possibly write tomorrow. A problem with that is that it is difficult for me to write during daytime. Apparently I'm something of a nightowl... And tomorrow I won't get home before it's very late, for reasons that I'm too tired to explain.

So it's time for me to get some rest, and for you to stop reading.

Anti-Hello to all you fine gentlemen and gentlewomen!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Return of the Ruined Sleep, Butterflies and Valentines Day.


If it seemes like this entry is rushed, it's because it is. As usual, it's late and I should really go to sleep, but I felt a need to post on my blog. (It's not that late yet). I won't post any art or music today though, just share my day and my thoughts.

So I was supposed to get quite an extensive amount of sleep tonight, since my school day wasn't to begin before around 11:45. Alas, my sleep was yet again disturbed this morning.

The story begins with my mother getting ill, which resulted in her also being home this morning. I went to sleep late yesterday, so at 09:11 this morning I had slept for less than 7 hours. That is still the time that I woke up.

Since it's Valentine's day today, my mother's fried made a surprise visit to our home, bringing a pastry to my sick mother, at 09:11 am!

That is acceptable though. The part I didn't enjoy was that they kept on speaking with loud voices right outside of my door until approximately 09:30 or something like that (I was tired and didn't keep that much on an eye on the clock, but they spoke for a long time). Thus, my sleep once again got disturbed beyond recovery.

From one topic to another, have you ever thought about what might have happened if some other event hadn't occured?

For instance, today I completed the song that I began composing the previous day. I added slightly more than 20 seconds to it, whereafter I recorded it.

Let's say that I hadn't woken up too early today. How would those 20 seconds of music differ from how they sound now?

People often say that one shouldn't spend time thinking about what could've happened, since it didn't, but I still find the thought interesting. I might actually go deeper into the idea of the Butterfly Effect later in my blog... (not the movie).

The song turned out to be fine, in fact, too fine to be posted here. I still wish that I hadn't been woken up though. I'm positive I could've made those 20 seconds sound good anyway. Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to hear the various possible versions of those 20 seconds? Of course, depending on the small diffrences in events that could have happened today, the time of 20 seconds could have been altered to be more or less, timewise aswell... hmm... It would still be cool to have a device capable of seeing into/listening to alternate realities.

Aaaaaaanywaaaay. Two days ago I had a brilliant idea for Valentine's day. Sadly however, I lacked the guts to perform my clever act of evil.

Heart shaped cookies were sold at my school this week. My idea was to sacrifice the small amount of 90 cents to buy one of these heart shaped cookies. Then, one would walk up to a random stranger (no matter of which sex), and with an embarrassed expression hand over the cookie. Then simply semi-run away.

Imagine how that must make the other person feel. They would probably be very confused, and think that you have a crush on them or something. Afterwards you could tell the person that it was only a prank. It would still be fun, but I couldn't bring myself to doing it.

Imagine how many ways that situation might go wrong though. What if it turned out to be a person that actually liked you, as you pretended to like them?

I could go in to detail about all that could go wrong, but I'm confident that you can figure that out by your selves, so I wont.

I was supposed to talk about my redeemed debts today, but I lack the time, therefore I'll try to write about them another time.

I've reached the deadline that I set for myself, so I'll end this post here.

Or here.

Actually I think that this is indeed the best place for me to end this entry. Yes that must certainly be it. All the quantum triadloids of the heptares of the entire universe suggest that this placement is the best possible in existance for ending my latest piece of scripture. That must certainly be it...

 (What are you still doing here?)

Unpleasant Awakenings, Drawings and Dreams.


Day three of my daily blog, or not, since this whole sentence except for this part that is actually turning out to be quite a bit longer than the first part of the sentence, which I'm referring to, is a lie.

Most normal people would become confused by that unnecessary sentence. Are you one of those people?

My point is that this blog is neither daily, nor is it currently daytime.

Don't be fooled by the time stated on the bottom of the page. At least for me the time suggests that I've posted my earlier entries and probably this one aswell, at the beginning of the day. Naturally that is true at someplaces, but not where I'm from. This is due to the fact that my Google+ account seems to have something going on with it's time settings for me. I might fix that at some point in my life, but since it's actually 00:46 (am), I'm far too tired to do that now.

So, what is the blog going to be about today?

I'll start with telling the story about how i woke up this morning.
I was supposed to wake up at 06:00 to eat breakfast. This is because I was supposed to go jogging due to school Gymnastics at 08:15.

My original intention was to wake up, eat, then go back to sleep. This I succeeded with, and for the first time in my life i fullfilled the task of eating a tortilla at about 06:10 am. The problem was that my mom had apparently missunderstood the whole situation.

About 10 minutes after I had managed to fall back asleep my mom woke me up and asked if I wasn't supposed to be jogging... This took place at 06:40. Thus my mom succeeded in ruining my sleep... And this isn't the first time something similar has happned.

So that was pleasant!

Anyway... The remainiure of the day went on in a somewhat usual way, except for the fact that I was told I won't have to go to school tomorrow (technically today) before about 11 o' clock. This, as you might expect resulted in me still being awake right now. Though I sometimes would be even if I had to go to school at an earlier hour...

I actually made yet another composistion today (technically yesterday). Sadly, or maybe in the opposite direction; luckily, I deemed it to be too good to be posted on this blog. It's not done yet, but in about 1,5 hours I've made 2 minutes of listening material. I'll ask some of my friends what they think of the song as well, but as I already said, I think it turned out to be pretty interesting, and pleasant to listen to. I used almost the same combination of instruments as I did with Icicle Rain, the only difference being that I used a different piano sound (or at least that's what I think).

So since I have no music to post today, I figured that I'll post some of my art instead. The two following pictures are unrealistic and weird landscapes drawn in class. They are not part of my better work I would say, but they turned out to be decent. That is up to you to judge, since here they are:

If you wonder what anything in the pictures is supposed to represent, or symbolize, I am not the right person to ask - nor is anyone, btw.

I usually draw very random stuff so yeah...

The pictures are actually drawn in an empty (rather ex-empty) book that I recently bought (somewhat cheaply).

Im using the book as my dream diary, or alternatively: my dream journual.

That is where I jot down my dreams after I have them. Now you might think that it's stupid to say that I write the dreams after I have them, isn't that obvious?

Actually, many people write down the dreams they wish to have on beforehand, and often succeed with having those dreams aswell. So by me saying that I use the book for writing down my dreams after I have them, you can figure out that I am at least not for the moment one of recently mentioned people. Which is also correct information.

Why do I write down my dreams?

It's actually not just for fun, even if that plays it's part, but there is a far more complicated reason behind why I do that. But that is a topic for another time, since time is flying by. Later at some point I am going to go more into detail about dreaming and sleeping and other spectacularly interesting phenomenons, possibly including hypnosis, which is for those who don't know, actually a real thing (with scientific evidence backing it up quite strongly).

Well, as I mentioned, it is late!

Hence, to/days, -nights blog entry abruptly ends here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Music and Angry Old Men.

Greetings to y'all once again!

So I promised myself and my potential readers, which do at least not yet exist that i would try updating my blog once a week to begin with. This is a promise that I already managed to break. Noteworthy is that I didn't break the promise in the usual direction, rather I'm posting this entry too early. I actually began bloggin only as long ago as yesterday.

I seldom feel that I have the spare amount of free time that I had today, so I thought: What better way to waste it than writing in my newly created blog? That is not the only way I used my extra time either. In school I compleded a drawing during class, and when I arrived at one of my two homes, I composed a short song, of which I am going to put a link on todays entry. Mentioned song will be accompanied by another song/improvisation that I made yesterday after posting my first entry in this blog.

I'll describe how the songs came to be in the order that I made them.

Yesterday evening, I composed a song which I later named Icicle Rain.
That one I made entirely with the purpose to be posted on this blog. As I already mentioned in my previous entry, I am not going to post any of my more competent stuff on this blog, so the song was made in quite a floppy manner.

Since it was late, I only came up with the chords for the song in about 10 minutes. Then I simply recorded the chords, with an additional "melody", which was largely improvised. I did this with a combined sound of a piano and a vibraphone, using my electric piano. The sound is what made me choose the name; I imagined icicles dropping from a ceiling in an ice cave, thus creating tones.

I'd say that the result was okay, but if there actually is anyone else that's reading this, feel free to listen to the song yourself, on this website that I found today:

Icicle Rain (

Feel free to leave feedback on the semi-improvised song.

The site where I uploaded my newly composed music actually turned out to be pretty useful. I like how I can upload nearly unlimited amounts of my audio files and after that easily being able to share them.

Now, to the other song I made.
I originally wanted to do it also for this blog, and I wanted to make it completely different from the other one, showing that I can indeed compose different kinds of music. Hence, I used different instrments and a fully different theme.

This song was slightly more planned than the previous one. To begin with, I used two separate tracks playing  different things. Both tracks used two different instruments: The one i made first is the one with the piano and choir sounds. Together they made a simple Orchestral base for me to follow when making the melodic part of the song. The melody, I chose to play with a church organ combined with strings.

It might sound like a long process, but the entire making of the song didn't actually take much more than 40 minutes, planning iincluded. That's the easy thing about making music with a synth-like device.

Here you can listen to the final result:

Ancient Resentment (

As you can see, both songs were pretty short, which is also the reason as to why they were easy to create. Also, they are both full of both smaller and bigger flaws, which I was too lazy to do anything about.

If anyone is curious of how I recorded the songs you can simply ask, but I don't have time to go into detail about that right now.

Now, I'm going to pretend that you are really curious of why the other song is called Ancient Resentment. It doesn't really fit the song, but there is another reason as to why it's named that way.

It just so happens that I'm living in a high-rise, and an old one. Because of this the walls aren't so effective when it comes to keeping sound from vibrating it's way through the building. Even if I use headphones there is still one thing that my neighbors can hear whilst I'm playing, and that is the constant drumming noise my piano keys make when pressed with force or quickly.

It also just so happens that I have a somewhat old man living right below me, and it seems like he doesn't appreciate me playing that much...

This isn't the first time that this has happened, but while I was playing he suddenly started banging with a cane or something similar on his roof, which is equivalent to my floor. and let's just say that I don't really appreciate the sounds he makes either. This happened during halfway of my reacording of the song, so I decided to dedictate the song to this old angry man.

As to the name of the song again, I thought, what is old and bitter in other words? After about a minute I landed upon Ancient Resentment, and chose to keep that name.

Now I have again succeeded in creating a scripture that is far too long for anyone else than for me to read, thus I'm going to end this entry here... Except I have this odd feeling that I've forgotten something that I was supposed to write about... Yet, there are other days and other opportunities to grasp, so I'll write about what has momentarily faded away from my thoughts due to amnesia another time.

Now, off with you!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogging and Other More or Less Random Stuff

Hello world...

I didn't think that this would happen anytime soon, but you can by yourself witness how wrong I was.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about me starting a blog.

I've for a long time thought about eternalizing my thoughts in one way or another, and I eventually landed on blogging as the metod for doing so. I also considered vlogging for a while, but at least for the moment that is something that I will not do, but who can tell what the future has in mind?

Anyway, my previous writings that you just might have read a moment ago* (I'll return to that), naturally raise the question of why I'm writing this blog in the first place. There are many reasons actually, but I'll try to explain.

As I first already stated, I want a way to save my thoughts without having to remember them. Do I do this because I think that my thoughts are really impotant compared to everyone else's? No. This blog is for the most part only for myself. This way I'll have something to read at later stages of my life, besides, sometimes I really enjoy writing, but I often find that I don't really have the time to do things like this.

Another factor that guided my decision to begin writing like this is the fact that I began reading one of my friends blogs, and I really liked his way of blogging. So I simply wanted to do something similar to that. I really recommend his blog. If some of you are interested he calls himself OneSketchist. Just google it and you'll find his blog. He is a most esteemed creator of art, and he posts a lot of his work on his blog.

Many of you readers (if you exist) might wonder why I have to explain such a simple thing as blogging, which has become quite usual in later days. I'm guessing that it is since I'm new to this kind of way of sharing my thoughts. So if you feel the need to, you can comment below, stating your thoughts, criticizing, or giving some other form of feedback.

*Of course, as I already mentioned, this is at least to begin with mostly a blog for my self, but you never know, somone might find it, so I figured I'd write it with the preassumption that someone that is not me would come to read the blog. Eventually I might aswell reveal the existance of this blog to other people that I know. I don't really think that anyone is interested in my thoughts, since I have a very own way of seeing things, but who knows?

So what is this blog going to be about?

I'm not totally sure yet. I know that I'm going to write about my thoughts on different matters, and that I will try to write about things that some might find interesting, and possibly post creations*(2) of different kinds here. What do I mean by that? Well, hmm...

I'm not going to write anything too personal here, since this is the internet, but I'll write something about myself so that you can get an idea of who I am and what I do.

My name is Alexander Nyman (Swedish for Newman), so now you might automatically assume that I'm from Sweden unless you know otherwise. I'm actually a 17 years old boy from Finland (edit: but now I'm 18, so yeah... [Edit 2, and now I'm already 20. DAMN YOU, TIME!]), more specifically Vasa, which is a city from mentioned country.

In this blog I might be called Shadow Dreamer, but as you've probably figured out that is not a real name for anyone. Now why choose such a name? Well... It's a name that I've been using online for some time. It seems like I'm not the only one, considering that I sometimes can't sign up for websites with that name, but it doesn't bother me too much, since I in those cases mostly sign up with a slightly longer username; LucidShadowDreamer.

And if anyone has read this far, you may ridicule me for my choise of what to call myself, but I must warn you: I don't really care.

Back to topic. *(2) If anyone of my potential readers know me in real life, you might know that I play the piano. Not as known is that I also compose songs every now and then. Aside from that I aslo sometimes make what some people might call art, but that mostly consists of doodles created during class. However, I sometimes draw things that actually look somewhat good. Of course my work never reaches the same level as OneSketchist's does, but that doesn't bother me, as he is really dedictated. I actually bought a painting that he made, of which I might post a picture in the future.

So, I might post some of my art, and possibly some of my music. But I'm a bit scared of posting my better stuff here when it comes to music, at least before I potentially publish some of it in another way. But if I compose something that I don't believe I'll do anything useful with, I might post it here. Sadly, that will only show my works that I'm not really proud of, but that cannot be helped.

Since I live in Finland you might wonder why I've decided to write in English. The reason is really simple; I feel more comfortable writing in this language than I do when writing in Finnish or Swedish. As a bonus, it is good practise. Very few people know about this, but I'm currently writing a book, also in English. It might never be done, but I enjoy writing it. I don't really know if I'll ever publish it, but At least the few readers I have seemed to think the beginning was quite readable.

I don't think I'll post it here either, but we'll see about that. It might be that no one will ever read this blog except for me, but it is for the future to prove that wrong or indeed correct.

I'm not yet sure of how often I am going to update this blog. I might try to begin with once a week, but I'll make no promises.

This first post of mine turned out to become quite a bit longer than I first intended, so if anyone actually reads this post, I doubt that they'll have made it this far, unless they skipped to this part.

I originally intended to start my blog with writing about headaches, since I  had one when I began writing. But it gradually got better, so I'll save that for another time, since I'm certain that I will soon have more of these horrible experiences.

Still, I have not yet chosen a profile picture, but I think I'll pick the one I took a minute before I began writing. I took it with my webcam, and while my head still ached. So if I succeed with choosing that picture as my avatar pic, you'll know what I look like when I have a headache (If you read this entry long after I posted it I might have changed the picture).

Now, my first entry in my blog is coming towards it's end.

Since I don't have anything else than my writing to post this first time, I'll recommend a band I newly found.
They are from Sweden, and they are called DetektivbyrÄn. Sadly, the band members quit playing together in 2010, but one person from the band still creates music.

His name is Martin, and about two months ago, his new band Wintergatan (vintergatan means milkyway) released a new song, followed by another one. I encourage you to check them out.

I enjoy most kinds of music, but I think that previously mentioned bands consist of exceptionally talented people.

anyway, its getting late, and I realize that nobody will ever read everything that i have written in this entry, so it is time to stop. As previously mentioned, feedback is nice to receive, so feel free to write comments if you exist.

That is all for now.