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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boring and Short Update.


This'll probably be my shortest entry thus far.

I just decided to mention that I finished the song (not holistically, of course) that I dedicated to OneSketchist (since it's because of him I made the composition in the first place).

Listen to the song here!

Drawing a Universe (

Speaking of OneSketchist: a while ago I bought a painting which he has made. I framed it, and then I just left it lying on my floor. However, yesterday I momentarily distanced myself from my laziness and hung the painting on my wall, above my piano.

Here are some neat pictures!

If you have a hawk's eye (this is funny, since I'm actually holding a hawk in the picture on my piano), you might notice that the painting hangs slightly crookedly (It isn't as evident as it would be if you were standing in my room, because of the angle that the pictures are taken in). (Crookedly may, or may not be an actual word).

That flaw is however no more; I corrected that as soon as I noticed.

Another thing that slightly annoys me is that the painting should have been hung a little bit more to the left, and possibly higher (That on the other hand, isn't as evident in real life as it is portrayed through the pictures).

Here's a close up of the painting:
(It's aptly named Life and Death)

By the way, try clicking the last picture and see what happens!

That is all for today!

If you want more reading, visit OneSketchist's blog ;p

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holism, OneSketchist and Dead Eyes...

Why hello once again my faithful readers!

I still have a sloppy schedule for writing in this blog, but it matters not much, methinks.

I cannot recall anything too special having occurred since my last entry, except on this very same day that I'm writing on (technically it's night though)... Some time ago I got a call, which purpose was a job offering. Can you guess what the offered payment is?

It's basically 1000 € an hour, I kid you not.

Sad thing is, I only use 3 minutes of said hour, so I get 50 €.

Now you might be thinking: What kind of job could result in so much money, yet take so little time?

What happened was I got a call from a school (yes, the building itself called me, not a human... sure), wanting me to play the piano for a special occasion. This is not the first time that this has happened either. Apparently I have done a good enough job for them to want me back.

I guess this kinda makes me a professional musician : p ?

All I do is enter this big room, play a song on this most lovely Steinway & Sons grand piano, and then I simply leave.

I'm glad that I don't have stage fright, or the job would be much more demanding. Luckily, I've gained enough confidence in my own skills to manage quite a performance.

Anyway, something really scary happened to me while I was waiting for my time to play. I was sick yesterday, with a sore throat and an aching right ear. I mostly recovered over night, or so I thought.

While I was sitting there, I suddenly began hearing really loud noises is my right ear. It sounded just like rustling paper being right next to my ear, almost inside it. It also felt like something inside of my ear had broken, so I instantly checked my hearing, and it was oterwise just fine. I tried touching my ear as well, which resulted in even more of the peculiar nosie, seemingly deriving from the inside of my skull.

I had to play the piano like that, in front of the crowd. The odd sensation didn't disappear until almost half an hour later. I still don't know what really happened, but I think it's related to my ear hurting the day before (the experience didn't hurt, it was just really creepy, and worried me sick. Since I hadn't been experiencing anything similar before, my first thought was that my eardrum had somehow got punctured, luckily this was not the case). Anyway, I seem to be fine now... I hope.

From one topic to another.

I have been reading a lot of OneSketchist's old blog post's recently. Some of them are really educational, or even inspiring!

Before reading on, I strongly suggest that you read this entry in particular, since what I'm going to talk about next is much easier to understand if you do so (it might be next to impossible without it).

So I read how drawing holistically is a good way to chose for getting a base line for a picture, making it much easier adding the rest (details, shadings etc.). I imagine this works best for drawing concrete stuff like faces and objects, while drawing more abstract art can be manageable without it. Don't take my word for it though; I am not a skilled painter nor anything similar to that, so I am speaking from a position of ignorance.

However, this same thing got me thinking. I might not be skilled at drawing, but my area of expertise is more closely related to music. Music isn't often (at least to my knowledge) perceived as something as concrete as many other art forms. Sure it has a certain shape, joined by various patterns, but it still isn't quite the same thing as a drawing.

While music can also very well be created holistically, there are certainly no real rights and wrongs as to how to make music (naturally, there are often certain baselines too).

There are many approaches to creating music; you could just do something random creating noise, which might result in something that sounds good ( it probably will not though, but it's possible). You could aslo chose certain chord patterns, being followed through the entire song. It's aslo possible to create a melody first, whilst adding a base (mostly left hand on a piano, chords or whatever). You could create many different parts and then puzzle them together at a later point. One can create orchestra music with an almost unlimited amount of instruments, or even mix two already existing compositions togehter.

But one important way is not mentioned above. What could it be?

It's almost the most obvious way of them all, since music has it's base in time, and time passing.

What do I mean by this? Well, the counterpart to holistic creating of music could of course be said to be creating everything in order, following the flow of time. You start from the beginning of the song, choosing both the melody and the chords at the same time. Then you simply progress from there until you reach a point where you want the composition to end.

Simple isn't it?

I imagine it might be for some, for others not.

Luckily, I can create music in pretty much all the ways I mentioned (Though I'm stuck to one instrument, I should really take some time to learn other ones too. Luckily [I've used that word too many times already], Synthesizers can pretend to be many different instruments than just a piano).

Back to my point. I became inspired by OneSketchist's writings, and decided to compose a song in order from beginning to end, so I did.

It turned out in quite (god I love that word) an interesting manner.

Before listening to it, I'd appreciate if you read this explanation to it:

The song doesn't really have much of a usual pattern that repeats, nor a melody of such kind either. Naturally, some of the chord patterns resemble eachother, but this song is still constanlty shifting. It was really late when I recorded it, and as you might know, my neighbors don't really like when I play, even with headsets! (electric piano). Hence, I had to hit the keys softly. This resulted in that the tones might be slighlty dull, and since it's much more difficult to play softly, I made some mistakes. Also, the volume might be pretty low, depening on your speakers/headsets.

I don't think I consider the song finished yet, but since it was so late I had to stop playing even so softly as I tried to do...

I would love to hear feedback on this composition of mine! It's definitely not my best, but it might be the best I've posted here so far (depending on opinion).

The last part is a bit weird, should I change it?

I recommend that you listen to the song more than once. It is a bit odd, compared to many other songs, so it takes a few times for the ears (your brain, really) to adapt to the way it sounds (for most people).

Are there any good critics reading this?

Anyway, since this composition would never have been made without OneSketchist, I officially dedictate it to him! (Whatever that really means)...

Drawing a Universe (   (It is downloadable, if someone wants it as a file).

Should I finish the song?

Now I'm moving on to the last thing of this already too long entry.

!!!OBS!!! Those sensitive to dead and dissected stuff should not go on !!!OBS!!!

I know at least one of you might be, and I hope you havn't seen what will probably be the thumbnail for this entry. I am kind of a sick bastard, so I did something... Interesting...

Really, you shouldn't keep reading in that case. I'll leave an empty space before you scroll down too far and see that abomination of a picture that I took. I would call it pure art... But you might feel a strong sense of disgust!

What is that you might think? Eh?

It's a mastery of creativity, it is true art. The idea was sadly not mine, but the idea of a pure genius!

If you observe the picture closely, you might see something that resembles an abomination of a smiley face.

You mightn't like this, but the eye to the right is actually a real eye! The one to the left is the iris of the very same eye, removed with something sharp.

That reddish thing forming the mouth? The former eye muscles of course!

The one that my friend made looked 1 million times better, but sadly, a picture of that one was never taken.

You cannot imagine how much him and I laughed at this during class.

Some of you might even find this sickening and unethical, and that is exactly what made it so funny in the first place!

It's funny exactly because it's so wrong and disturbed.

Using googly eyes and a red string would have a completely different effect.

Anyhow, that is what used to be a pig's eye.

We were tasked to dissect the eyes in class, observing it's different parts.
The removed iris is actually muscles, usually containing color pigments. The iris is responsible for contracting and expanding the pupil, which is really just a hole, when for example too strong light is directed towards the eye. If you're brain dead, the iris won't function normally. That is often checked by a flashlight shining against the eyes.

Another part we carefully removed from the eye was the lens. Did you know that you actually see the whole world upside down through the lens in your own eye? What you see is simply processed in your brain and flipped the right way before you notice anything (nk).

This could be demonstrated by looking through the lens that was surgically removed. From the right distance you saw everything upside down through the lens!

So, that is all for this time (and it was quite a lot!).

This isn't even my longest entry. This one contains just above 1700 words. Quite an essay right?

(holy shit, it's over 4 am already!)


How should I end this blog this ti........

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I'm back, it seems.

I've been absent from this blog for ten days now. The only reason for this is that I have pretty much lacked the time to be able to write here; this since I know that I usually dedictate at least one hour per entry that I make. Usually I write during nighttime, and I have been going to sleep early every day this week. Now, on the other hand, I'm writing during daytime. Actually I'm writing this on beforehand; for reasons I don't intend to explain I'll probably post this first in about three hours.

There has been much going on as of late in my life, but nothing too special. I have been stuck at school, had homework (of which I actually made a little!) and have been doing things of such nature. I have also been playing the piano more than usual lately, mostly because I have had to train on things I'm supposed to learn for school.

I have also tried to compose something new and creative, but I havn't quite achieved what I'm trying to this week. I had several semi-succesful, but yet, failed attempts though.

At least yet I won't post anything that I've created lately. Instead, I'll share with you some of my earlier work. This is my first attempt at creating something that resembles music played by an orchestra. Sadly, I didn't take the time to insert drums, not that I think I'd be good at it. The song was made more than half a year ago.

From the Depths (

I'm not sure why I named the composition the way I did, but meh...

If I recollect accurately, the instruments used consist of two piano sounds, one elecrtic piano sound, one vibraphone sound, one organ sound, one string track, one choir track, one harpsichord and one guitar sound.

The amount of instruments is part of the reason to the length of the composition.
I'm not sure why, but I actually kinda like this one. It could have handled a bit more fixing, but it sounds okay. It would have been cool if I'd've (unproper use of abbreviations) slightly panned some of the instruments.

Anyway, feel free to comment on and criticize the song.

Another thing that took place this weekend was my birthday. I'm now officially of legal age (in my country). I'f you don't know me in real life and you just see the picture in my blog, It's probably hard to imagine that I'm actually 18 years old.
Fun fact: a couple of weeks ago I was actually asked whether I was thirteen or fourteen years old! The situation was kind of awkward... But fun!

When I'm 50 years old but look like I'm 25, everyone will be jealous! Exept if I get horribly burned in a terrible accident and my whole face kind of melts... That wouldn't look so hot... (pun intended).

Back to topic (if only one would exist). I got some cool presents this year (and there's probably more to come).

My favorite one so far is a special music box that I wished for. I won't post footage of me using it, but here's a video and where to buy it. (You can decide the tones that it makes yourself with a paper strip, just like in an old player piano).



Here is also a band using a very similar music box, possibly the same (It's inside a wooden box).

Wintergatan - Starmachine 2000

Besides from that I got a couple of cd's containing this:


I like the kind of music made by those two bands.

Anyway, I celebrated yesterday (on my birthday, remember?) by inviting some friends over, in order to watch some movies. These are the ones we watched:

A Clockwork Orange

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil

Those were both interesting and sometimes funny movies, but I don't feel like writing reviews on them right now...

As you might notice, I'm not writing any deep thoughts or something like that right now. That is also a reason for why I mostly write during night; I am more active, more capable of thinking, more creative and over all, better at doing stuff past 12 o'clock.

I felt myself obliged to drink a bit of alcohol yesterday, since it was now leagal for me. I did of course not feel like visiting a bar in order to drink (+ I'm lazy), but I drank a bit with my friends. Since I'm a very small man, I didn't drink in plentiful amounts, but at least I know that about 5-6 dl of 5% alcohol doesn't seem to have any effect on me whatsoever.

I also drank a little lemon liqueur (30 %). It had kind of a sweet taste, which I found fitting. Although my father is a dentist I have a sweet tooth inexpugnable by most.

So. Since it seems like I have nothing interesting at all to write about right now (thus all the links), I'm going to end this entry by posting a drawing I made not long ago.

I'm not really fond of this one, and it failed miserably, but It's okay. That thing in the middle is supposed to be a tumbleweed.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Water Shortage, Driving and Horrid Abominations

Well, Hello again.

It's been quite a busy week, so I havn't really had the time to write until now.
Not that I have that much time now either...

This week of school has not been pleasant, but enough of that; I already complained about school before the week even really began.

I don't really know what to write about yet, but I might come up with something, possibly...

What I feel like writing about is dreaming in general, and other endless mysteries of the subconscious mind. Sadly however, topics of such nature demand too much time, time that I don't have right now. Instead, I am going to share with you an interesting dream that I experienced a couple of nights ago.

There isn't necessarily anything that astonishing about my dream, and many of you readers might already have heard me tell about it, but since I vowed myself to write something here today I might aswell write about this nighttime event.

I don't remember exactly how the dream started out, but at some point I found myself in my bathroom. This part of my dream was very realistic, and I did of course not realize that I was dreaming. I noticed that I was very thirsty, and my throat felt more dry than ever before.

My instinctive reaction to the feeling of thirst was obviously to drink water from the water tap next to me. So I did. For some reason I didn't find it to be weird that I had one of the glasses that are usually downstairs with me in the bathroom (If you for some reason didn't realize, I was upstairs, and so far I have never seen one of those glasses visit the upper bathroom).

I filled the glass with water and drank it. This is where the dream started to reveal its disconnection to the waking world.

Even though I emptied the entire glass, the strong feeling of thirst never disappeared. So I drank another glass full, followed by yet another one. I could feel the liquid flowing down my throat, but It didn't affect the sensation of thirst.

I remember drinking about twenty glasses or so. I had at this point begun wondering about two things that were weird. One: I had somehow fitted several liters of water inside me, without feeling like I had drank or eaten anything at all. Two: I figured it was strange that I had somehow avoided water poisoning, which I should have become, considering all that I had drunk.

I don't remember anything of the dream beyond this point, but I think that that is about when I woke up.

The most interesting fact about the whole happening, is that when I woke up, I was as thirsty as I had been in the dream.
Stupid and tired as I was, I didn't rise up from my bed in order to stimulate my thirst, but I went back to sleep, not to awaken until several hours later. Of course I was even thirstier then, and began my morning by drinking loads, though not as much as I did in my dream.

This dream was just an example of something much more fascinating; the interaction between dreams and reality.

Not everyone remember their dreams, but I'm sure that some of you readers do.
Have you ever experienced something similar to this? An example would be being woken up by someone's voice, the sound making an impact on your dream, affecting it for a moment until you wake up.

Those are some of the dreams you are most probable not to forget, since it's much easier to remember dreams that you've had close to waking up.

Enough of that for now.

So I've begun studying for my drivers license.

I don't really have anything intriguing to say about that. I just mentioned it, since I thought I might as well post a picture that I drew during one of my theory classes. The picture really brings out my creativity when it comes to what to draw (that was sarcasm).

As you can see, I aslo put a picture of paper folded into a pyramid of some sort. Why did I do that? If you look closely, you can spot a part of the car in the lower-left corner. That is the same paper.

I realize that you are not impressed by the origami that I made, nor are you supposed to be.
I just thought it might be fun to mention that the paper pyramid is actually designed by myself.

One day, many years ago, I was bored. So I grabbed a paper, and folded it randomly.

After only a couple of minutes I had by accident folded a shape, not unlike the one you just saw. I know close to nothing of folding paper or how to calculate the outcomes of my folds, but still I somehow accomplished creating that shape. I had entirely forgotten how to make a pyramid of paper until recently, when I was suddenly enlighted with the memory of how to fold them.
For some wierd reason folding that shape is extremely satisfying for me (The more you know)...

I cannot believe I actually wrote that many sentences about that paper, In contrast to my previous entry this one must be horrible (as will the music piece that I'll soon post be)... I'm sorry for boring you all...

Anyhow, drawing that car was surprisingly difficult for me, demanding some effort. Not the drawing itself really, but the angles. I really envy people that are talented when it comes to drawing. I for once cannot succesfully keep a picture in my head for a long time, nor draw it on paper.

I shouldn't complain too much though. I havn't practised my drawing much at all. I mostly doodle during lessons of differing kinds. Still, It would be fun to be skilled at creating art such as OneSketchist does. I'm especially bad when it comes to shading.

I'm running out of time, but I'll post one more thing.

So I noticed I havn't made music for a while, and I wanted to make something quick for this blog. Unfortunately, I failed drastically...

I only had one and a half hour to make this composition that is about one and a half minute in length.

Since I was in a hurry, I hastily came up with a few chord combinations to use, after which I semi-improvised (following the chords) five tracks with five different instruments: (Jazz)-Flute, Piano, Strings, Choir and a Violin.

Even at the beginning, the flute didn't sound good. I figured the song might still be possible to save by adding a few more instruments. Needless to say, I was wrong.

I didn't have time to try many times per instrument, so if I made mistakes, I left them there.

This resulted in the instruments not even beeing fully in sync. The instruments don't really fit together like this. The melody and chords aren't that interesting. It might hurt your ears and give you a headache. It's weirdly put together. It has a weird ending that doesn't fit. Even the recording while transferring the file to my computer was poorly executed.

So here you can listen to the horrid abomination, named for what it really is.

When Something Goes REALLY Wrong (

I don't really like the composition at all, and you can feel free to criticize it all you like. That will only make me happy.

I might use some of the chord combinations later though...

 I'll try to make something better next time.

Which reminds me of that I'm supposed to stop writing now.

Yeah... Let's do that.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Laziness, Faith, Music, Movies and Bloody Murder.

Hej på er alla!

(The above text is written in Swedish, and would translate to: "Hello to all of you!")

So... Here we are again... sigh...

I haven't made an entry in my blog for almost an entire week! Would you look at that.

There are many reasons as to why that is.

One of them is that I have instead of writing in this blog, been writing on by book, and since both mostly occur during nighttime, the one often has to make way for the other. However, that might not be true tonight. I'm planning on writing in my book for just a little while this night also, so let's see if I end up going through with my carefully planned courses of actions.

Tonight, I am tired... Not like I want to sleep, but in my heart. well, technically in a specific part of my brain.

I don't mean that in the sense that I would be depressed, but more like I lack motivation and feel like there's too much wrong with this world.

But do not fret! I know the reasons behind why I feel this way, and the reasons truly mirror my pitiful existence...

The first reason has it's base * in that I am truly lazy. In some senses, one of the laziest humans that you'll ever meet. Luckily, I am lazy when it comes to doing different things than most people are, so I still posess the capability of functioning like a normal human beeing (almost).

I've for as long as I have known felt like I have too little time for doing what I want to do. I realize, that I am not the only one who feels that way, but I do think the sensation is a lot closer to me than it is most people.

I constantly find my self in this one and same loop, in within I have too much time to waste, but still far too little to do what I really want.

What I mean with this is for instace: I have a book which I wish to read, but for the moment I don't have enough time. Still I have one hour with which I for the moment can't do much. I cannot read a book which I'll afterwards be forced to take a brake in due to lack of time, but I can't find anything else to do with that hour (I should use it for sleeping, but I almost never succeed in doing so).

Of course, nowadays I'm saved from that thing happening. I fill those holes in my time with the internet, writing things like this blog, or playing the piano (and friends [yes, I do have those]). The piano also steals 45 minutes to 5 hours (mostly between 1 and 3 hours) of my day everyday, so that is also a reason for my lack of time, and if you count in the "necessary" computer use, half of it is already gone *2.

Speaking of loops, I watched Groundhog Day, today. (A very good movie).

It turnes out that that is the movie behind a certain very famous concept, which also revolvs around time.

* Back to my laziness.

As i mentioned in my previous post, I have been enjoying my Winter Holidays... HAVE BEEN!

Tonight is basically Sunday (the night between Saturday and Sunday), and tomorrow it's back to school.
This means that I have one measly day of freedom left. *2 And as I said, My usual things that I do already consume half of my day, and now this institution will once again rob me of the second half...

It's not that I hate everything about school. I love meeting my friends there, as it is almost impossible to get me to leave my house otherwise. I also realize the importance of some lessons (not all though). I even enjoy certain subjects.

But it's not only that. Like stealing half of my day wasn't enough, the school also wants to deprive me of my free time, with things like homework and having to practise for tests...

Thus, I'm stuck with not getting to do what I want with my lazy-ass subsistence...

And think that I'll eventually be forced to choose a profession, get the job done and take responsibility for most of my actions...

Oh how I wish that I was rich... (What? Stop blaming me for beeing greedy!).

I could just live home, create and play music, write my book, learn how to cook amazing food, read books, do all of the things I never had the time to do.

I ask you this: Why couldn't a God just make sure that every single existing person could be happy in such a way... Thus, I am an agnostic, leaning with a ridiculously hard majority on the atheist side.

It just sounded like I gave up on theism because of god not making me rich didn't it?

Well, let me ensure you, that is NOT the main reason.
I mean, just look at this world! Look around you. All the misery, everything that could be so much better. Just look at North Korea!

If God exists, he owes me and everyone else a miracle explanation for the state of the world.

No, I don't think I'll be writing on my book tonight; this is taking too long, and I'm not done ranting yet!

Riddle me this: "If Adam and Eve gained knowledge of what was good and what was evil by eating the apple which God forbade them to eat, how could they have known that eating the apple was bad in the first place?"

Of course, I don't believe in Adam and Eve in the first place. I merely cannot understand how some people fail to see all the hypocrisy in "The Holy Book".

still, I do not hate Christianity. There are far worse religions.

I realize that sounded needlessly harsh.
I have many christian friends, and they are all very nice people. I just don't agree on their belief.

At least most christians nowadays pretend that everything in the bible is good and full of morals, skipping the parts about stoning people and things as such, where as some other religions are what I would call: Flagrantly Evil.

I imagine that people of such faiths are less hypocritical though. They just don't care about everyones equal rights. There are of course many exceptions, and I'm speaking from somewhat of a position of ignorance.


Sorry if i'm making you feel down.

Another reason, both for the fact that I havn't been writing for a while, and for the fact that I myself am feeling incomplete, is because I just read all the remaining chapters of the famous manga; Naruto.

Previously I had been reading the paperback comic books that had been translated into my main language, Swedish. But I recently noticed that the God damned company that translated them appears to have stopped doing so.

This is not the first time this has happened. They earlier gave up translating XXX-Holic, and quite some time ago the refrained from continuing to translate Conan, the detective. They also had some issues with the translators, so the translation has it's problems with speed also (how long it takes for the mangas to get translated).

So... Since the Swedish translation was after the original manga with about 30 pockets, I had aroud 285 unread chapters waiting for me to read them online.

All in all I spent more than 25 hours reading them (possibly more than 30 hours).

I was stuck, doing little else than reading on from day to day. And there it ends. Day to day. No more. 2 days. Plus half a day. So 2,5 days.

I read Naruto for approximately 10 hours each of the first two days, and then I read the rest the next day. But since I had woken up late that day, I didn't finish reading until evening, a couple of days ago.

How does this contribute to me feeling slightly blue?

Have you ever watched a tv-series to its utter end? Do you know the feeling you get afterwards?

You just can't really fill that hole for quite some time, at least this is the case for me.

Luckily, Naruto is not completed yet. It's just that I have to wait a week for every chapter to come, again, just like i do with Fairy Tail. (It's not supposed to be "Tale").

I should take a pause and wait with reading until I have like 10 chapters unread, but I won't. I know I won't.

I have to admit that Naruto exceeded my expectations though. I didn't think it could continue to hold it's degree of quality, but at least for me it did.

It seemes like many Japanese people know just what to do to arouse your feelings and make you really care for the characters, and also make it feel like you're there with them, experiencing what they have to go through.

Also they seem to have good humor.

It's just like George R.R. Martin said in A Dance With Dragons. 

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Would you look at all this that I have written tonight?

Still I feel like I could write thousandfolds of times more. I just have to stop at some point.

I've written so much and gotten so much off track that I've probably missed writing some things I was supposed to write about, and left some loose ends.

Still, i have a few more things to add.

As you might know, every now and then I post some of my music, or my "art" on this blog.

I have made one "okay at best" composition this week, but I'm at my dad's house right now, and it's recorded on my electric piano in my mom's apartment.

Besides, something weird happened to the file I recorded, and for a split second in the middle of the song, the instrument momentarily shifts to another one. Weird...

Even though I said I probably wouldn't, I made one ( this time, probably x 2) final change to the very best (in my opinion) of my compositions; Winterscape.

I didn't add anything, but I lowered my favorite part (of about half a minute) an entire octave, to give it a more powerful feel.

If you feel disappointed now that you didn't get to listen to any of my hastily made compositions, I'll give you a couple of recommendations (Movie-wise and music-wise)

I re-watched another movie today (two days ago I saw Sinbad [which also contains good music] again ).

I saw Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, featuring Alan Rickman (also known as the actor who plays Severus Snape), Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Seon Connery (for like 1 minute of a movie that is two and a half hours long), and Christian Slater (who is known for True Romance, along with other films).

Both Sinbad and Robin Hood are examples of how IMDB scores don't always give deserved credit to films.

Anyway, listen to this epic "Main Theme" from Robin Hood: Overture.

It reminds me of this amazing composition for some reson: ???Mystery??? (I recommend the movie as well.) (Yet another of IMDB's black lambs).

*Edit: The mystery is probably solved! Look at this Disney ad! Listen to the music closely, and you'll notice it's the same Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack! Now granted, no Treasure Planet clip was featured in the promo ad, but the association to disney remains. And I could swear that I've seen a disney ad (possibly a Swedish or Finnish one too!) that has featured both that music and clips from Treasure Planet :3*

When I searched for Music to listen to while writing I found some cool songs, each one hour in length.

Merlin's Magic: Flowing Perfection (The least good of the three, in my opinion).

If you wish you can also check out the Spirit of, series of music.

I'll link one of them below:

Holy shit I've written much tonight. That's it. No more writing for me now. Not on this blog, not in my book...


That's about it for tonight's entry. I'll end it by posting a poem/lyric that I made. (It's not finished yet).

The story is as follows.

Bill and Mitch are cops. Bill is now in his 50s. The woman mentioned, is some kind of a criminal, with which Bill has had a relationship that didn't end well.

However, the woman for one reason or another ensured Mitch's death, and his last words was a wish for Bill to avenge him.

So he did...

Bloody Murder

My name’s Bill, and he is Mitch
He told me I should burn that witch
So I fucking killed the bitch
And ditched her body into a ditch

I shot her face
With holy grace
Then I had to race
I couldn’t leave a single trace

Now, she is dead
I remember how she bled
There was a bullet in her head
It was made of solid lead

My life was hanging on a thread
When I her remains to the wild animals fed
Now I’m lying in my bed
Not a single tear I shed

Now here I lie
I watched her die
I didn’t get to say goodbye
Not that I would even try

Now she is gone
She didn’t have the time to run
Thanks to my most faithful gun
It was actually kind of fun

When I got her, she told me I should her release
I didn’t hold that same belief
And to her it was certainly not a relief

Actually I was a cop
That she never forgot
But she thought my age had made my skills rot
And look at where that her got!

She thought I had been through too much
To get a chance to her even touch
But since I actually did her clutch
I would say that things weren’t as such

Ever since they rolled the dice
The outcome was not set to be nice
The moment I first saw her eyes
I should have known she was full of lies

To be continued?